HCFO Grantees at AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting

Publication Date: 
May 14, 2014

We are looking forward to seeing past and current HCFO grantees at AcademyHealth’s 2014 Annual Research Meeting (ARM), June 8-10 in San Diego. A schedule of the sessions featuring current and former grantees is listed below.

Sunday, June 8

  • James Maxwell, Early Observations from Accountable Care Organizations Developing in the Private Market
  • Harold Luft, Transformations in Primary Care and Specialty Medicine: Medical Homes and Beyond
  • Glen Mays, Public Health Financing and Costs
  • Laurence Baker & Andrew Ryan, Care Transformation and Delivery System Reform
  • R. Adams Dudley & Andrew Ryan, Greater Expectations: Pay-for-Performance's Lessons for Value Based Purchasing
  • Matthew Maciejewski, Improving the Management, Care Coordination, and Patient Outcomes of Multiple Comorbid Populations
  • Mark Hornbrook, Complications and Procedures during Pregnancy and Childbirth
  • Susan Busch, Health Policy, Payment and Delivery System Reforms
  • Jean Abraham & Donald Taylor, What Do Medicare Policymakers Say They Need from Researchers

Monday, June 9

  • Michael Chernew & Len Nichols, Is it Time for Comprehensive Competitive Pricing in Medicare?
  • Ateev Mehrotra, How Do We Meaningfully Solve the Primary Care Shortage?
  • Stephen Parente & Jack Needleman, Best of ARM: Part One
  • Judith Hibbard & Anna Sinaiko, Navigating the Health Insurance Exchanges: Consumer Choice and the Use of Available Information
  • Marisa Domino, Innovative Practices in Behavioral Health and Health Services
  • Daniel Polsky & Kevin Volpp, Research Funding 2014: Federal Funding Mechanisms
  • Joel Cantor & Jose Escarce, Reporting and Interpretation of Coverage Expansion: Lessons Learned
  • Vincent Mor, ACO and Bundled Payments for Post-Acute Services
  • Alison Galbraith, Effect of Benefit Design on Health Care Access, Quality or Utilization
  • Jean Abraham & James Maxwell, The ACA: Exchanges, Awareness, and Outreach
  • Kevin Volpp, Incentives for Health Risk Assessments and Biometric Screening: Controversies around Their Evidence, Policy and Ethics
  • Michael Chernew, Publishing Instead of Perishing: Meet the Editors Part Two
  • Kathleen Thiede Call, Measurement Error in Survey Estimates of Medicaid Participation: Current Problems and Future Directions
  • Chapin White, Supply Side Simulation Modeling
  • Carrie Colla & Michael McWilliams, The Evolution of Accountable Care Organizations: Promise and Performances
  • Timothy Waidman, Coverage Trends and Dynamics for Lower-Income Children: Role of Medicaid, CHIP and Private Insurance
  • Andrew Ryan, Cutting Edge Advancements in Quality Measurement and Evaluation
  • Ashish Jha, Extending the Reach of Your Academic Expertise
  • Kevin Volpp, Financial Incentives for Health Behavior
  • Sandra Decker, Moving from Coverage to Care: System Capacity and the Role of the Health Care Safety Net Under the ACA
  • Austin Frakt, Beyond Peer Review: Packaging Your Work for Different Audiences

Tuesday, June 10

  • Donald Taylor, Best of ARM: Part Two
  • Arnold Milstein, The Pathway toward Value: Building on Cost and Quality Measurement
  • Ateev Mehrotra, Training Needs of the Future
  • Jean Abraham, Advances in Public Health Systems and Services Research
  • Eric Schneider, Spreading Evidence-Based Practices: Collaboratives, Campaigns, and the Law
  • Marsha Gold, Barriers and Facilitators Shaping the Health Information Exchange Landscape: Findings from the HITECH National Program Evaluations
  • Genevieve Kenney, Children’s Health Insurance Coverage: Progress, Obstacles, and Opportunities
  • William Schpero, Choosing Wisely and the Measurement of Low-Value Medical Care Services
  • Stephen Parente, Emerging Opportunities for Health Services Researchers to Access Large National Datasets
  • Stephen Zuckerman, Late-Breaking Abstract Session: The ACA and Early Performance
  • Sandra Decker, NCHS Research Resources for Studying Geographic Disparities: Location, Location, Location
  • David Dranove, Real Applications of 'Big Data' to Drive Near-Term Value and the Use of Data for Research

For a full list of presentations see the ARM agenda. The standard registration deadline for ARM is May 30th so if you have not registered click here for more information.