Findings from a HCFO Study on Employer Mandates Highlighted in The Incidental Economist blog post on February 3, 2010

Publication Date: 
February 3, 2010

Findings from a HCFO study led by Bradley Herring, Ph.D., assistant professor at Johns Hopkins University, were highlighted in the February 2, 2010 The Incidental Economist blog post, “Mark Pauly on Health Reform.” The blog discusses the December 30, 2009 New England Journal of Medicine article co-authored by Herring and Pauly, “’Play-or-Pay’ Insurance Reforms for Employers – Confusion and Inequity.” The researchers completed HCFO-sponsored research that measured the extent to which increases in health insurance premiums are borne by workers in the form of lower wages relative to the extent to which they are borne by employers in the form of lower profits.